Monday, November 29, 2004


50021 words. Don't believe the ProMe counter, it always adds around almost 100 to that - probably counts dashes as well or something.

NaNoWriMo Progress Meter

Nanowrimo has this to add,

(In the end, I just couldn't decide).

Oh, and if you want to read the full novel (beyond what is currently here), well I'm sad to say the unedited manuscript leaves my PC only in this form.

"Nlrazurvi, ail ulr zn zgv
Izi lzrn rn ilunzvr rn azrkvig iglnv,
Irlvnav vniirluarng irn lrkv z azgv,
Giv nrgig vnazirng irn lrkv z glnz.

Iri iizala azi gzkvn urln Kvrrzn lu lla
Zi Zzlgzzzr Izluzrvva, Krng lu giv Alla
Zg llng lzig uvll zvnvzgi kzlzarni zlla
Rn rurni iri Krngaln, rn Ruzzlv iri Illa.


Lnv irnglv ulaui, z rvlra lu iri rvrgn, rvnzrni ln giv alrla, giv ulrav alngrlllrng rg zluna rnirav rg aivn Zzlgzzzr azi avuvzgva. Rg azi rnkrrilnva ulr z aillv nrllvnnrun. Zna nla, rg zvgrni gl igrr..."

Sorry for being that way. Deep down, it's all about me feeling insecure about my novel and not wanting to publicize my innermost weaknesses--- ah crap, I'm male so that line doesn't really work for me. ^_^

If you really really want to read all of it, and promise not to make that public, just drop in a friendly-worded comment below and I might email it. ;) (Because even deeper down, I can't live without compliments, so I'll risk it I suppose).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a writer  

I saw your post over on Educational Whisper. There aren't many people of any age who can, and do, quote German proverbs. Don't sell yourself short.

Mozart, when asked what music he liked, said, ''No music.'' It doesn't matter that you don't like what you write. No writer likes what he writes. The Beatles would have liked all their music back, they knew they could do it better.

''Don't get it right, get it written.'' Then try to get it published. It doesn't matter that your friends don't like it, that your mother doesn't like it. If a publisher likes it?

The problem today is that there are too many writers (wannabes). Everyone can make the proper noises, they've all been to collitch. They want to tell a story but they have no story to tell.

Please, no ciphers. Reading is difficult enough without. Dumb it down. Hemingway's best was written at the 5th grade level. PARSE.COM, an old, tiny, DOS utility, will deliver grade level as well as any syntax checker. If you can't write simply, become a college professor.

3:03 AM  
Blogger Arancaytar said...

Well, I can quote German proverbs because I'm German... ^_^

10:17 AM  

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